'That's okay! I'm bisockual!'

Det finns en sida som heter My Life Is Average, jag upptäckte sidan för över ett år sedan and I'm loving it! :)
Jag rekommenderar starkt att ni tar er en titt, om inte bara för att ni har tråkigt.
Lite saker som jag har hittat där kommer här:
  • Today I was visiting my family, and I noticed my little sister was wearing mis-matched socks. When I mentioned this to her she said "that's okay! I'm bisockual!" I have more respect for her now. MLIA

  • A while ago my AP history teacher was teaching us how to write an essay. His explanation: Essays are like skirts, short enough to be interesting, long enough to cover the subject. This will forever be burned into my memory. MLIA

  • Yesterday, I was hanging out with my gay best friend. He greeted me with a hug. Just as he was hugging me, my phone started vibrating. He goes, "Dude! Your butt's vibrating! Teach me how to do that?" I love my friends. MLIA

  • Today, my seven-year-old niece came up to me and asked, "If we have Mother Nature and Mother Earth, does that make the universe a lesbian?" I didn't know what to say. MLIA.
Kommer eventuellt leta rätt på fler härliga historier i ett annat inlägg, men tills dess kan ni ju läsa lite själv. :)


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